What makes FORUM different than other training service companies?

Characteristics of FORUM:
Practical instruction by professional teachers
Customized programs tailored to students
Follow-up efforts that include training monitoring and coaching for self-learning
System through which participants show maximum results within a preset time period

What kind of English-language instructors are at FORUM?

FORUM does not employ teachers who are only capable of teaching English conversation. Its instructors have at least four years of business experience (in practical business at a general company), and are capable of providing solid instruction in English and associated skills required in international business. Some of them have experience in serving in executive positions at certain well-known U.S. companies. Additionally, FORUM hires instructors who have an understanding of the culture and mentality of Japanese people, an aspect that has been well-received due to the smooth communication those instructors have with program participants as a result.

Tell me about the level check FORUM conducts for English-conversation training.

Before commencing training, FORUM conducts level check tests using an interview-style format, then splits participants into groups. The reason for this system is because scores on the TOEIC and other standardized tests do not necessarily correspond to actual conversation ability.

Level check tests at FORUM are based on evaluation standards that are authoritative in the U.S., and are highly credible. Through conducting proper level checks according to speaking ability and dividing participants into groups, FORUM selects educational materials and puts together curricula matched up with program participants, thereby yielding effective training results.

Does FORUM offer online English-conversation and/or e-learning services?

FORUM offers online business English conversation with the use of Skype that serves to reinforce speaking ability as well as e-learning that enables participants to effectively use their free time to efficiently acquire knowledge and skills.